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Alice + Olivia

 This collection is inspired by The Enchantress of Florence. It is filled Indian emperors and the Italian Renaissance. I love this collection because it looks peppy, with a funky spin, showing cute and colorful wares that are worn in modern-day, it’s so chick. I love the bold colors they used. The high boots with sheen nylons underneath looks amazing!



The Valentiono collection was inspired by dreams and mythology. Before I had read the inspiration from the designer I felt as if I was in some ancient greek dream of a princess era. As I read the inspiration it all made sense. The designer was able to capture a moment in time. A dream, and create it into flowing pleated gowns statuesque floor-length tabards, cloaks, and Greek sandals. I love it because it looks so pure and simple
These dresses look beautiful.



This is classic Channel. They always elaborate on the classic suit and make it modern. In this collection they had it myriad candy colors, mint, checkered pink, peach, lavender, yellow and a wide, contrasting belt. It was beautiful! The tan dress is my favorite. The wide belt at the waist, and the crossed crossed chest design is fabulous. I love the thickness and flow of the skirt. It looks like flower petals, so smooth.

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