Sustainable Design by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has become firm to create pieces that will last and not pile up in a landfill and will not damage the environment. She does so by asking the question what else can be done to make a garment more sustainable.

According to the article all of the designers studios, offices and stores in the UK are powered by wind energy. Abroad, renewable energy is used to power the stores and offices. In McCartney’s collections, they have been researching to acquire new materials and use as much organic cotton as possible.

Continuing to look for new ways to be more sustainable is a goal of the company. This concept is used when manufacturing and designing the collects. The company recycles all textiles that could be used. This is one of the company’s philosophies and implements it by having recycling systems at all locations.

McCartney became one of the first of luxury goods to participate in the Natural Resource Defense Council Clean by Design Programme. This program focuses on refining efficiency to cut waste and to protect the environment.

McCartney believes that it is the duty of a designer to guide the attention in a different way and ask important questions about each piece made. For example how a piece was made, where it was made and what materials are used, these questions along with creating luxurious pieces creates sustainable fashion.

There are many more actions and proposals that Stella McCartney participates in to reduce the eco print. These are just a brief few. It is no doubt that she is setting a great example for the fashion industry. She is also helping consumers choose their products wisely.

As a consumer, which would you prefer to buy: the company that recycles and is focused on staying eco-friendly or the company that is sending product to be burned in landfills?

As a consumer, I would choose the healthier option. Now in days, many consumers are. They see green, eco-friendly or organic and it sparks an idea of helping the environment by purchasing the product. Said by many, this is not a trend that will dissipate, this is a way of life. A way to participate in helping our environment and watching what we buy to make sure we are doing our part. We have a need to help, and by choosing wisely what we purchase, we are helping the planet for our future generations.

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