Flapper Fashions

Flapper fashions have been interpreted and re-interpreted throughout the years. A designer whose clothing more accurately reflects the flapper desire for freedom, sportiness, and practicality are those of Ralph Lauren.

In Ralph Laurens collection the flapper style is more modern. It doesn’t seem to capture the freedom or protons of the flapper. It looks more sophisticated, mysterious and delicate.

In Anna Sui’s collection the flapper style is similar to the original. It captures the sportiness and the freedom. The one difference I see from the original is, that it more than a few inches above the knee. The original was knee length with small slits at the knee.

The Gucci collection is the one that gets as close to the original flapper style. It accurately reflects the flapper for its freedom, sportiness, and practicality. It is at knee length with slits at the knee. It is a bit more glamorized but it still looks extremely original.

These images are from Ralph Lauren’s collection.

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