This Seasons Five Pocket Jeans

Known for his work at Kasil, Oligo Tissew, AG and Union Kristopher Enuke is launching an interesting new appearance for denim this fall. His vision is to challenge the traditional five pocket jean. The target market is women who are looking for tailored fit and have their own sense of style. Enuke used his native country of Nigeria’s indigo dyeing technique in his pieces, he also used this technique to create layered effects. Enuke is known for fit. He wanted to build around great fit, to help women feel beautiful and confident. He created this by naming each style to celebrate women.

His five pocket style jeans include, Queen, Princess, Duchess and Governess. The style “Queen” is form fitting.  The “Princes” has a one of kind wraparound yoke and waistband with a welt pocket. The “Duchess” is similar with a wraparound yoke and waistband, it features a zippers on the legs. The “Governess” has a built in corset, it is meant to enhance in all the right places.


This is an interesting new view for the five pocket jean. Personally, I love the look of the traditional five pocket jean. I think it is interesting and fun when the designer gets creative with the sizes and textures of the pockets. What Enuke has created is really fascinating to me. Adding a corset into the jean as both functional and decorative is a fun new way to wear jeans. He said he constructed the corset by adding darts inside of the yoke and so it is not visible from the outside. This technique to me is innovative. It is manipulating an original yoke pattern and making it something else that has a different function, simply amazing. He took the yoke and used it in a unique form in all the pieces of his new collection.

Enuke found his inspiration in wanting to turn the denim cycle, he believes we have come to the top and wants to start the cycle again. He is inspired by wanting to put something new and exciting into jeans. He is targeting the individuals that are aware of their individualism. This is an important key to note. People are aware of their individualism much more now than ever before. Many people want to wear clothing to express a bit of their personality, so they choose their wardrobe carefully. Expressionism through clothing is a big trend right now.

Many people do not want the cookie cutter outfit that they see on display in the mall, they want a piece that expresses their individualism. Some see clothing as art and other see it as an accessory. I see it as an extension of oneself to share with the world.

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Kristopher Enuke: A New Take on the 5-Pocket Jean

By N. Jayne Seward | Thursday, May 26, 2016

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For Better, Not Worse – LA

For Better, Not Worse is a business of which its clothing is made in Los Angeles, California. The collection includes graphic tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and Tanks. The clothing is made from jersey knit, tri-blends and cotton. Each shirt has a positive affirmation across the front.


For Better, Not Worse has teamed up with Families in Transition (FIT) and the Pasadena Unified School District. Families in Transition, provides assistance to families in need.

Founder Patricc Reed states the companies goal is to donate a bag of groceries to a child in need. The companies plan is to disburse food four times annually. As the company grows the number of distributions will too. Ultimately Reed hopes to disburse food to cities nationwide on a weekly basis. June 4 was the most recent distribution of food, For Better, Not Worse planned on having more than 550 bags of food. Reed has made wholesale accounts available and so far has landed orders from Sodo and Dungarees.

The next step For Better, Not Worse is to create a new website, which Reed expects to be up an running in a few months.

IMG_6556_1024x1024For Better, Not Worse is a unique business that gives back to its community. I think that this business motto is genius. It gives the consumer the power of investing in a child that is in need of food, here in our own country. There is an abundance of organizations that donate to other countries in need, that we neglect to see that we have hundreds of children that go days with out eating in our own communities.

We need more types of businesses like this in the US. The company sells products that send a positive message to the consumer and the public by embellishing all its clothing with positive affirmations. It is a win win situation for both parties. The children that are in need of food, get the happiness of being cared for. They receive healthy food given to them by individuals that want to make a difference in their lives. They are also getting faith. Faith that there are people that will help, and hope for a better life.

The consumer gets the joy of knowing that they are helping a child that is in need of food. They are also getting a great shirt that has a positive message. This gives them the satisfaction of making a difference in their own community, and as the company grows it will be a satisfaction of helping our country fight hunger and doing our part as US citizens.

For Better, Not Worse has the potential of becoming a big business. A business for hope. An industry that helps its country make a difference, by feeding the hungry one shirt at a time.

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