Fashion from 1860 to 1899

I see many elements of 1860-1899 that resemble these to piece from a more recent collection. The shape and the styling are similar to the silhouette formed by the corset in the late 1800s. The skirts in these pieces are both layered creating the flowing affect, achieved by Charles F. Worth. The embellishments are also clean and minimal like most of the designs of their time.

The current pieces are similar to the historical pieces in several ways. One is defiantly the corset style top. This was very popular during this time and the corset gave the body a fashionable image. It created a small waist and gave a smooth curve shape to the hip area. Another similarity is the layered skirts; they all have layered skirts that gave the illusion of the women floating on clouds, like a dream.

They are different in several ways as well. One way is the drastic use of bright and bold colors. In 1860-1899 the colors used are light. The green is a light dark green, with its pigments not as strong as the ones used on the in the bright yellow from todays fashion. Another difference is in the late 1800s they mainly used one to two colors, now they mix in three or more colors to make apiece more aesthetically appealing.


Dress designed by Charles F. Worth for Empress Elizabeth of Austria and painted by Winterhalter in 1865.Untitled


Portrait of Empress Eugénie Surrounded by Her Maids of Honor

by Winterhalter  (1855)


Current fashion photos:00280fullscreen-2


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