Influences of Fashion: Technological Advances

The Mamaroo is one technology that I find interesting! The purpose of this object is to move and sway the way moms do, to keep their child from crying or to help them fall asleep. It can be operated from your phone and you can sync music into it so it can play it while its swaying the baby to sleep.

My 4 month old love it! He falls asleep on it and loves to reach for the plush toys at the top. Its fairly new and I know there will be upgrades made on it and many new improvements to get it to perform at its best.


Digital assistants styling shoppers

This is a digital stylist, monitoring your closet. It suggests what to wear based on your calendar, recommending appropriate clothes from your favorite stores. I am personally excited about this! Though it is a huge advantage for stores to advertise themselves, it can help many people when deciding what to wear.


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Daisy CS

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